Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Concord to Manchester and Beyond!

It's a little late in coming but, here it is anyway:  After researching things, I came to a "dead" end.  The cemetery, to be exact.  Mom asked me to find the headstone of George Jackman Sargent, Sr. and take a picture.  So, I went to the graveyard on a tourist map of Concord.  I did find a Sargent but, no George.  I asked a man who lives next to the cemetery and he told me to ask at the cemetery office just down the street.  So, down the street I went.  I got to the office but it was closed.  I couldn't see much of it but I could tell there was a big graveyard attached to the office.  There was, however, a very nice lady, who had actually helped me earlier when I went to the library, walking out of the cemetery.  She asked how I was and why I was there.  She immediately thought of where the headstone might be.  I thought that was amazing but, it was Jackman as a surname and not a middle name.  She showed me some more places and my assessment of the size of things was confirmed.

I called the number listed on the office door and left a message. 

It was Friday night and I didn't want to spend the weekend. So I headed out of town.  I had intentions to use the same campsite that I had used before but, there was a gathering of men there and so I just kept riding.

I ended up here for the night:

View Second Campsite in a larger map

The next day, I rode to Hudson, New Hampshire and I stayed with my friend, Don, from

He had some good suggestions and a nice backyard.

More later!

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