Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello everyone!

All projects and tests have been turned in and taken, All grades have been entered, all residents have been checked out of their rooms, and all my stuff is safely at my mom's house or in storage.  I leave for Manchester, NH on Wednesday and I have so much still to do but, the semester is finally over!

Before I left USU, I found an abandoned suitcase which was perfect for my trip.  I wanted something that I could throw away with out feeling bad so, finding it was Ideal.  But, I found out that it was not as perfect as I had hoped.  The appearance didn't bother me, I wasn't going for style points, I just wanted something that could last one trip.  Unfortunately, the zipper was broken.  So, today I went out to the local thrift store and I found something for three dollars. 

For my trike, however, I went to a local bike shop to beg for a box.  They had one and it was big enough!  Now all I have to do is make it TSA compliant, AKA available for rummagers who think that I am a bad person with bad plans...

I am not a bad person!!!  I just want to fly in peace!

More Later. . .

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