Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flight Day

Well, I am blogging from the airport.  Mom and I were up 'til 4:30 a.m. this morning.  Why were we up so late, you ask?  I was finishing my trike crate (pictures soon), finishing last minute laundry, organizing and my luggage.  Mom was helping lots with the laundry and luggage.  We were trying to get all of the luggage to be under 50 lbs.  Boy was that a pain!  First, the trike was going to be too heavy and not all the parts fit in the box, then my other bag that I wanted to check weighed 60+ lbs, then my carry on bag was too big! Ugh!  But, we finally got everything where it needed to go.

We finally decided that the carry on would make more sense as a checked bag and I was OK with paying the extra $50.

So, I was expecting to pay $100 extra for all my luggage. . . and Have a big huge conflict with the TSA about my packing practices.

Now that everything was decided, we had popcorn, watched an episode of Royal Pains, and went to sleep.  It was pretty fitful for me.

Mom, got me out of bed at . . . at . . . oh, I can't remember.  The point is I was up!

I put all the luggage in the car and mom forced some food into my hands and we were out the door.

I sat in the back seat so I could find all of the things I wanted to take and all the things that weren't allowed in checked bags. 

We stopped at a grocery store, because mom, who likes to remember things, remembered that I didn't have any food for that day.  I am glad we stopped.

Then we arrived at the airport.  I had to rent a baggage cart to get all of my things to the check in counter.  Usually, I avoid things like that but, I had three large pieces of luggage and mom was driving the car so, she couldn't leave or she would be ticketed.

When I checked in, I was pleasantly surprised when the lady said, "That'll be $50 extra."

"Only $50?" I asked.

"I know, I was expecting more, but the computer is saying that you just need to pay for the third piece of luggage," she replied.

"I won't argue with that!"

One hurdle gotten over in an unexpected way! Next, I had to take my bags to the TSA for inspection. 

Surprisingly, nothing happened.  Every thing went through just fine.

Second hurdle . . . destroyed by my awesomeness!

Now, on to the TSA agents who check you out.  I had all of my items in my jacket pockets. so, I just took off my jackets and stepped into the scary "see you naked" machine and it was easy.

Third hurdle . . . smooth and silky!

I went and found my gate and started this entry and I met Greg from Albuquerque.  I think he is a banker and he was looking at a bank in Idaho.  It turns out that he went to school at Utah State like I do.  Go Aggies!

I went for a walk to pass some time and by the time I got back to my gate, They had already boarded the plane.  I had paid extra for a priority spot in boarding line which became useless because Southwest is open seating.  There was, however, enough room that I didn't have to sit right next to anyone.

The actual flight to Phoenix was uneventful. Except that I thought that the plane was landing at the same time that my next flight was leaving.  Thankfully, I was just unaware that Arizona does not practice Daylight Savings Time.  Just another reason for getting rid of all timezones and daylight savings time.  If the whole world based the time of day on one place, every one would be on the same page.  ok Just kidding. . . sort of.

This time, I stayed by the gate and got in line (in my priority postition), I found the first open window seat and took it.  As more passengers filled in Julie Baxter sat next to me.  She is an aspiring author and will be famous and make movies based on her books.

We had an interesting conversation and then I tried to sleep.  ("tried" being the key word).  Planes are just plain noisy. 

We got in to Manchester and I rented another cart, I wish that I hadn't.  I think that I would have felt safer without all my luggage on an easy target.  Any ways, I couldn't really sleep at the airport, so I just started to put things together.

I waited until dawn and then I got out of there!

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