Friday, May 20, 2011

Manchester to Concord

I was hoping Max would write more often, so before too much time passes, I will give the update I can from here.  Max didn't sleep very well at the airport and then took off for Concord in the morning, Thursday, traveling on the east side of the Merrimack River.  He camped in a city park and chained his bike to the tent.
The next day in Concord he did a little family history - well, actually quite a bit.  He went to the Historic Society and got some help digging about for information about an unsolved family mystery on our Sargent line.  He got some marriage records, birth records, census records to establish who a mysterious Jessie Sargent was, and discovered two of her sisters in the process.  He found the cemetery where our ancestors are buried - Blossom Hill Cemetery - a few blocks north of the Sargent family home on Penacook Street (though the house is no longer there).  He got there too late in the day, but inquired online about it and the director sent him scans of the cards for each of the family graves, along with a map indicating their location.  He got a form for me to request court records.  The next day he was on his way to Boston.  That was almost a week ago and I know he made it, but haven't heard anything more.  He took a digital voice recorder with him, so if he isn't writing, I hope he is using it now and then to record his experience.

I am checking in with friends and family on his route to see if they can put him up for a night during his travels.  He will go from Boston to NYC, then to Philadelphia, then to DC, and then . . . that is yet to be determined.

Getting a little anxious for news in Saratoga Springs.

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